The temples in Thailand were overwhelming! Each one was completely different than any of the others, and there are hundreds of temples.

Ornate gold, detailed filagree, mosaics of colored mirrors, protector gods, and more. Spectacular is an understatement.

Thailand is a lot more than great beaches and wonderful, spicy food.

Small Patchwork Purses

Pieces of fabric sewn together to make these colorful purses with a long shoulder strap. Colors available:  aqua, red, black background.
TLN 007:  4.5" W x 4.5" L,  0.05 lbs.   $12.00


Sequin Elephant Pillow Covers

Detailed craftsmanship, a real eye catcher. Center circle is raised and padded.
TLN 009:  15" x 15"  0.50 lbs    $50.00


Musical Instrument

To play this instrument, the Thais sit cross legged and rest the end on the ground.
TLN 018:  24" L  0.70 lbs.   $22.00



This is really too beautiful to play with! Detailed sewing and covered with sequins.
TLN 023:   18" L  1.75 lbs.   $85.00


Ceramic Dolls

Aren't they sweet? Ceramic body, dressed in clothing similar to tribes of Northern Thailand.
TLN 025:  6" L  0.5 lbs.   $12.00


Mirrored Elephant.

Remind you of a disco ball? Covered with small mirrors and seed beads. Colors may vary.
TLN 027:  Large: 3.5" H x 4" W,  0.35 lbs.   $22.00
TLN 027:  Small: 2" H x 2" W,  0.05 lbs.   $11.00