Tibet, the "Rooftop of the World," Potala Palace, Prayer Wheels, Mt. Everest.

Too much to describe about this magical and mystical country!

Simply put, it is truly an enlightening experience.

Silver Bracelet

Tibetan lettering and tourquoise, open back.
TIB 001:  2" H. x 2.5" W.,  1.5 lbs.   $25.00



Tourquoise and Coral, 2 styles
TIB 005:  Approx. 1" L. (select style 1 or style 2),   $35.00


Thanka Wall Hanging (reproduction)

Brought back from Zhigatse, different styles available. Each has patterned silk borders, and a protective fabric cover.
TIB 007-1:  3' H. x 2' W.,   $75.00