The San Blas Islands of Panama are well known for the mola artwork created by the locals Kuna Indians.

Molas are detailed stitcheries using a combination of reverse applique and embroidery. We have many molas available.

Here are just a few of the beautiful works of art for sale.

Pink Cockatoo Mola

PAN 002-02:  13" H. x 16" W.,  0.20 lbs.   $50.00


Two White Roosters Mola

PAN 002-03:  13" H. x 14" L.,  0.20 lbs. lbs.   $50.00


Cat with Sunglasses Mola

PAN 002-15:  14" H. x 18"W.,  0.20 lbs. lbs.   $60.00


Fish Mola

PAN 002-16:  13" H. x 15"W.,  0.20 lbs. lbs.   $60.00


Elephant Mola

PAN 002-22:  14" H. x 18" W., lbs.  0.20 lbs. lbs.   $70.00