Guatemala is an incredible country in so many ways. Full of Mayan ruins, Guatemala is famous for Tikal, one of the most significant temple sites. Located near Flores in northern Guatemala, you'll need at least 2 days to explore the whole area!

Guatemala is also known for the colorful hand-woven tapestries and fabrics. Each tribe has its own unique colors and patterns in their textiles. At Expressions of the Soul we have a large selection of Guatemalan Art.

What you see here is a small sampling of what we carry: textiles, tapestries, jewelry, worry dolls, terra cotta ceramics, replicas of mayan artifacts, and masks to name a few of the items.

Contact us if you are interested in more of the artwork. Sizes given are in inches, and weight of the item in pounds.

Please note that as the artwork is all handmade, the items may be slightly different than the posted photo. For items where there are a choice of colors, please specify color.


This beautiful blanket will keep you very warm, and is a lovely piece of artwork for your home. Colors available: blue, yellow, or purple.
GUA 009:  72" x 100",  4.30 lbs.   $225.00


"Toxim" pot

Replica of Mayan artifact, a unique piece of artwork and history.
GUA 015:  4" H x 4" W,  0.70 lbs.   $20.00



Handblown glass from Guatemalan glass artisans.
GUA 043:   9" H,  1.15 lbs.   $20.00


Pillow case with embroidery

We have a large selection of pillow cases in a variety of colors and patterns. Shown: black fabric with an embroidered square in the center. Colors available are blue, green, red, purple or bronze.
GUA 047:  16" x 16",  0.30 lbs.   $25.00


Worry Dolls barrette

Expressions of the Soul has a large selection of hairbands and barrettes, either in multi-colored woven fabric or with worry dolls. Larger worry dolls (shown), smaller worry dolls also available.
GUA 063:  2" H x 3.5" W (large size)  0.10 lbs.   $5.00


Placemats and napkins

Set of 6. Brightly colored, durable, woven placemats in a variety of colors: blue and white, navy blue and yellow, magenta/ multicolor, blue/multi, peach/multi, ivory/multi, forest green/multi. Placemats measure: 17" W x 13" H.
GUA 067:  0.9 lbs   $35.00


Multi-colored woven tapestry

Our selection of Guatemalan tapestries includes a variety of colors, patterns and sizes, something for everyone's style. Additionally, we have Priest's Stoles that can be used for table runners. The tapestry, shown, comes in a mixture of colors, or in shades of blues.
GUA 077:  33" x 36",  0.8 lbs.   $35.00


Silver necklace

Fine detail craftsmanship, silver plated, very lightweight. Necklaces are available in a number of other styles. We also have choker length necklaces and bracelets available.
GUA 085:  66" L (closed loop) x 3/8" W,  0.10 lbs.   $25.00


Black velvet mini-purse

A nice petite evening bag! Handle and zip closure. Embroidery may vary.
GUA 100:  6" W x 4" H,  long,  0.20 lbs.   $12.00


Wood Mask

Lots of detail in the carving as well as the painting. Each mask is unique. We have smaller masks available, please contact us for more information.
GUA 130:  6" H x 10" W x 6" deep,  3.25 lbs   $90.00