The pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, Temples of Luxor and Aswan....

Egypt has too many ancient ruins to name.

Here we feature a small sample of artwork that reflects the culture of Egypt.

Mother of Pearl Decorative Box

Hexagon shape. Patterns may vary as no two are alike.
EGP 002-01:  6" W. x 2" H.,  1.5 lbs.   $45.00


Papyrus Wall Hanging

Made from genuine papyrus with a certificate of authenticity on the back. Many designs to choose from.
EGP 007:  17" H. x 13" W.,   $40.00


Sterling Silver Pendant, Evil Eye

We have a large selection of Egyptian sterling silver pendants and bracelets, too many to show here. Please contact us for details.
EGP 011-02-02:  1" L.,   $15.00


Engraved Plate (Silver, Copper and Brass)

A real showpiece! Limited selection, each piece is one of a kind.
EGP 012:  12" diameter.,   4.0 lbs   $200.00


Bone Necklace

Very unique!
EGP 014-02:  22" L.,  1.0 lbs.   $35.00