Costa Rica is a popular country for travel as well as permanent relocating.

It is relatively close to the US, and has one of the most stable governments in Central America.

The tropical climate provides lush cloud forests, quetzals and howler monkeys.

Costa Rica implemented a program several years ago to suspend clear cutting of the cloud forests.

In Arenal is an active volcano; at night you can sit in the hot springs and hear the volcano rumbling.

On the coast is the town of Tortuguero, famous for the preservation of sea turtles. At night you can watch them come ashore and dig holes in the sand for laying eggs!

The artwork presented here is all made from lava rock! The masks are all different... and humorous!


This is a sampling of our masks, many more hanging masks available, each unique!
CSR 001-01, 02, 03, 04:  Sizes approx. 3.5" to 4.5" in length,  3 lbs.   $20.00 each

[Detail CSR 001-01]

[Detail CSR 001-02]

[Detail CSR 001-03]

[Detail CSR 001-04]

Desk mask

Just what your office needs!

CSR 002:  2" H x 2.5" W,  1.5 lbs.   $15.00


Large Hanging Mask

CSR 005:  7" H X 5" W,  6 lbs.   $30.00