The artwork shown here is made from a fiber called cana flecha. It is made through a long process of dyeing and drying the fibers and then weaving them into intricate patterns.

All of the purses, beach bags and sports bags have been lined with ivory-colored muslin.

We have more items available, such as cana flecha placemats. Contact us for more information.

Wide Brim Hat

15" inch wide brim hat in brown and ivory.
CLM 001:  0.7 lbs.   $40.00
CLM 002:  3 color weave: tan, brown and ivory (not shown)  0.7 lbs.   $45.00


Beach Bag

Colors: brown and ivory, as shown.
CLM 004:  18" L x 16" W x 3" deep.  0.65 lbs.   $56.00


Sports Bag

Colors: brown and ivory with red accents, as shown.
CLM 005:  19" L x 10" diameter.  0.90 lbs.   $60.00


Purse with Shoulder Strap

Colors: Ivory with brown accents (left) or brown and ivory (right), as shown.
CLM 006:  9" L x 9" W.  0.25 lbs.   $25.00



All different, all unique!
CLM 010:  Approx 1/2" wide.  0.05 lbs   $4.00